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Kim & Kanye Name New Baby Girl “Chicago West”


Welcome To The World Chicago West

In another wild baby name move, The Kardashian-West power-fam has named their newborn baby girl, “Chicago West.” Joined by her older siblings North and Saint, Chicago adds to the family’s habit of being incredibly unique in the baby naming department…arguably, to a fault. In typical Kim style, she annouced the name of the baby with this simple post onto her app:

As previously reported, Kim and Kanye had their third child via surrogate after Kim faced a number of health issues during her last two pregnancies. The surrogate gave birth Monday night to a 7 lbs. 6 oz. baby girl, with Kim in the room with her. According to TMZ, Kim was the first skin-to-skin contact that the baby had. It’s easy to assume (and for the kid’s sake) that the baby will be called “Chi,” pronounced “Shy,” for short. Apparently, her Saint, 2, and her sister North, 4, have already been referring to her as Chi. With Chicago being Kanye’s hometown, we can only hope that their next crazy baby name is “Calabasas” …Kim’s hometown. Regardless, cheers to this power couple for extending their dynasty by one!