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Leak of the Week: Thutmose


Hailing from Nigeria and raised in Brooklyn, Thutmose is here to shake up the hip hop scene. At only 23 years old, his style and lyrical ability have nay sayers everywhere second guessing his talent as he continues to release banger after banger.


His freestyles are enough to become a fan alone – but one song of his in particular has listeners wanting more. In his track “Still I Rise,” exclusively premiering on Billboard in late 2017, Thutmose addresses his haters as he rises to the top. He hopes the song will motivate other “underdogs” to always go after what they want, regardless of what people have to say.

He even goes so far as to reference Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” poem in his catchy, dance/rap hybrid of a beat. “I made this song to motivate the underdogs who constantly carry a chip on their shoulder, faced with obstacles, to never forget that there’s no circumstance you can’t overcome,” he told Billboard back in September. “I remember being in the midst of a bomb blast while living in Lagos, Nigeria when thousands of people were jumping in the river fearing for their lives, seeing how people stood together and rose up inspired me.” You can listen to the track on his Soundcloud below:

You heard it here first; leep an eye on Thutmose as he’s about to blow up. Be sure to subscribe to his Spotify/Soundcloud which can be found on his website here.