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Mom Horrified After 11-Week-Old Baby Grows A ‘Fang’ Overnight


Halloween is around the corner and this adorable 11-week-old baby got into the spirit a little too soon.

Oscar O’Byrne hit the hay on 14 October after a long day of demanding baby activities. It was a day just like any other for the cute Irish baby as his mother Tara put him to bed.

But the next morning, Tara realised an unusual spiked tooth had mysteriously sprouted over the night. Poor Oscar was confused and upset by the ordeal – understandably – and wouldn’t stop crying. This obviously scared Tara, too. She explained in an interview with the Irish Mirror:

“I went in to him around 7am. I usually give him a soother and he goes back asleep for an hour, but he kept crying.

So I took him out and changed him but when I went to feed him, I found the tooth in his mouth. It had grown overnight.”

Tara rushed her young baby to the hospital right away but the team there was very confused and didn’t quite know what the growth was. They were debating whether or not it was in fact a tooth and recommended Tara and Oscar visit a dentist.

The dentist decided to remove the tooth but a bizarre series of events meant that the suction device caused the tooth to go up little Oscar’s nose. Thankfully Tara was able to get it out quickly and her little baby was just fine!

Could Oscar be one of the youngest people to ever have a tooth removed? It’s certainly very unusual and Tara didn’t miss the irony of it happening so close to Halloween:

“We were terrified at first but now we’re seeing the funny side. Me and my husband were laughing about it, it’s mad – especially at this time of the year!”