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Police Are Seizing CBD Oil Without Checking If It’s Legal


Many reports are coming in from the Midwest this week about Police seizing CBD Oil without even checking if it’s legal in states like Iowa, Indiana and Ohio. This comes after a new wave of halting the legalization train sweeps America as Feds are raiding dispensaries in states where all weed is legal, like California and Colorado.

The issue with CBD Oil is that there’s a very fine line over whether it’s legal or not. Technically, it’s legal in all 50 states – but states with otherwise strict marijuana laws aren’t buying it, and instructing police to confiscate it.

While CBD Oil only has positive benefits and show little similarity euphorically to a straight cannabis high, there are still stirring issues in Washington and at state levels regarding its regulation. Right now, the most popular place to buy CBD Oils and products are head shops – which isn’t a great look when it’s being pushed as a medication. Will lawmakers finally come to a conclusion on how to handle it? People are suffering from ailments and illnesses, with CBD Oil being a simple and pain-free solution…so what’s the hold up?