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Police Officer Caught Lying To Uber Driver Who Is Actually A Lawyer


The police exist to serve and protect the citizens and as such, the police has to know the law in order to ensure that it is obeyed. However, in many cases the policemen do not know the content of the law, don’t know it well or don’t quite understand it. But, making up the law is a completely new level. The best example of this unacceptable behavior was the following situation that happened to a man the police pulled over.

Jesse Bright was pulled over by an officer Kenneth Becker who ordered him to get out of the car so they can search the car for drugs. At that point, Bright took his camera and started filming the situation. The irritated officer obviously wanted to avoid filming so without hesitation said that there is a new law that forbids filming the police at the threat of jail. Just like that.

But, little did he know, he wasn’t talking to a regular driver, he was talking to a criminal defense attorney. Actually, one of the several policemen who were processing Bright was actually involved in one of his trials. Bright tried to explain that he is filming because there are several policemen around his car and he is scared for his life, for what he was called “a jerk” and was threatened with bringing the K9 dogs to search the car. The worst thing is that the accompanying deputy agreed and confirmed the lie.

The epilogue of the whole charade is that the officer Becker was demoted to corporal and the Wilmington Police Department stated that it is not forbidden to film and take photographs and invited the citizens to do so if it’s necessary so that the relationship with the police can be improved and protected. Serve and protect, not lie and mislead. Try fooling a lawyer. Check out this embarrassing behavior in the video below.