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These Dragon Balls Contain 3,000 Grams Of Pure Cannabis Oil


Image: Sara Dilley

If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z, weed, and have a spare heap of cash sitting around, we’ve found you the perfect Christmas gift to yourself.

These badass Dragon Balls look incredible and the glass-like objects house over 3,000 grams of 99 percent pure THC isolate. Yup, pretty incredible… and pretty expensive!

The orbs look incredible and just like a Dragon Ball. Other people have also compared them to Sauron’s all-seeing eye from the Lord of the Rings. Either way, both are pretty badass and the team over at Xtracted labs have gone above and beyond.


The orbs have no scent or flavor, given that they’re produced solely from X-tracted labs known as Clear. Terpenes can be reintroduced however, and they bring the original taste and aroma of the strain that they’re taken from. Sour Diesel and Blueberry orbs are not far away…

You’re probably wondering just how many grams of bud is needed to create a 3,000 gram Dragon Ball like this. Some quick math means you would need around 18,000 grams of bud. It’s clear these things don’t come cheap.

Most people are going to dab this orb. Most people use between 0.25 and 0.5 grams of concentrate, so this could take multiple months or even years to get through! Endless hours of relaxation and fun await if you can get your hands on one of these orbs.

The difficulty is that these orbs don’t come cheap and X-traced doesn’t have a huge amount of information available on its website. They’re a leading manufacturer for a reason, this is probably just a marketing stunt… But we want it.