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This is Chinlone: An Acrobatic Sport Combining Kickboxing & Volleyball


Everyone’s got a favorite sport.

The US Open happened recently and it means that many of us are still firmly in the grips of tennis fever, sweatbands on and browsing for tennis courts to show off our Djokovic-esque skills.

Others love football, soccer, and a wonderful blend of other sports.

But now there’s another contender on the block: chinlone.

As you can see this is an intense sport and we’re blown away that it’s even possible! In the video you can see the players demonstrating unthinkable agility and power, soaring through the air and generating incredible force when they strike the ball.

The game resembles some kind of foot volleyball and it’s remarkable the players have learned to bring together the finesse of soccer with the agility and athleticism of volleyball.

The video was grabbed by Dave Leduc who is currently the undisputed lethwei open weight world champion. Lethwei is known as the the art of 9 limbs because in addition to the rest of the body it is legal to use the head. Yikes. This is one of the reasons that Leduc admires the sport and he explains that he considers it to be a great training method.

Even he concedes, however, that he thinks he’s going to stick with lethwei before tackling chinlone. And we can see why: he’s incredible at lethwei and you can see that the same explosiveness from chinlone is present in this Burmese martial art:

Well, Myanmar is absolutely one of the most badass places on the planet. As for us, we’re pretty sure we would like to stick to tennis for now.