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We’re Not Gonna Say Goldsmith Is ‘Next Up’, That’s Corny. But He Should Be


Article by Tom Stewart

When discovering new artists, namely one that is labeled, “up and coming” or “next up,” is it usually a believable attribute of their brand or a marketing phrase aiming towards manipulation?

On the surface it can be a challenge for consumers to understand which artists are actually gaining respect in the industry and which ones are hiding behind a cloud of weed smoke.

It is easy to define success based off of numerical data such as views, followers or being a member of the black card club, but for those not yet singing to millions while making millions how is this definition transposed into the qualitative realm?

The answer to this question became very clear after sitting down with the indie artist and Good Money Pittsburgh emcee, Goldsmith.

There are certain people who have the ability to provide a specific type of comfort when in their presence. The kind where no external pressure exists, words flow as easy as your next breath and a feeling of empowerment channels through the body as you sink deeper into the conductor’s chair of your own actions driving a force that is genuine to your own nature.

In the words of Goldsmith, “If you can’t connect with your listeners then there is no movement, period.” This quote resonated with me because when listening to music, what is one crucial prerequisite – the record’s ability to make the listener feel comfortable in their own skin. Isn’t that part of the reason we choose the music we listen to, because an aspect of that song reflects personal experiences regardless if that experience is real or fantasy?

(Goldsmith right, riffin’ with the late Mac Miller, left. Both Pittsburgh natives and friends growing up.)

This is exactly what Goldsmith has achieved with his newly released EP entitled, “Skyfall.” When discussing the release Goldsmith stated, “The support has been crazy, it has never been like this before. So many people have reached out showing us love, I can’t wait to show everyone what else we’ve been cooking.”

It is apparent the young emcee has been penetrating the minds of his listeners in all the right ways. With a recent move to Los Angeles, CA so he can be fully engulfed in the music scene, Goldsmith is hungrier than ever creating a wave of his own that only seems to be growing.